2. File Requirements

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Before uploading your photography files, please look carefully at them and make sure they fit within the following requirements and specifications. Images submitted that don't follow the rules below will be declined.

RGB JPEG format files only

All photography files must be in RGB colour space and be a JPEG format file and saved at the highest quality possible (i.e. Maximum Quality, or Level 10). CMYK JPEG's are not supported, and although they may upload without problem, they will be declined. If your images are shot using a digital camera, they will already be in an RGB colour space so you don't need to convert them. All other formats including TIFF, PNG and PSD files are not supported and cannot be uploaded.

Image dimensions >= 1700x1700px

The minimum size requirement is 1700 pixels (px) on all sides of the image. Any image uploaded where the width or height is under 1700px will be automatically declined.

  • Portrait Orientation - the image width must be larger than 1700px
  • Landscape Orientation - the image height must be larger than 1700px
  • Square - both the image width and height must be larger than 1700px

File size no bigger than 20Mb

The maximum file size is 20Mb. If your files are larger than this, you will need to resize them down so they fit within this limitation.

You must own the full copyright to your photo

You must own the full copyright to every image you upload. This means you must be the photographer that shot the image, or, you have a signed property release form from the original photographer stating you have full and unlimited usage rights of their image.


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